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Gigabyte MB and Samsung ATA133 HDD Problems

By Mudshark ยท 10 replies
Aug 10, 2004
  1. I'm building two new machines right now. Both are using
    Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 MOBOs and I got 4 Samsung 80gig.
    SP0802n HDD's. two per machine.
    I now found out that these two pieces of harware do not play nice.

    The HDD's are ATA133 but will only run at ATA100 when used on
    these MOBO's. There is some issue with the IDE controller on the
    board OR the drives, neither company admits that the problem
    is with their product.

    Here is the URL to the Gigabyte sites error report:

    Q: "Why is the Samsung hard disk supporting ATA133 detected as ATA100 on a ATA133-supported motherboard? ... :"

    A: "This is related to the hard drive. For the detailed information about this issue, please refer to Samsung's website: http://www.samsung.com/Products/Har..._0000007938.htm"

    Samsungs reponse is:
    "Please note that this issue is caused by the incompatibility between the motherboard and HDD(s), not by the faulty Samsung hard disk drive."

    Did they say "faulty Samsung hard disk drive." ?

    Well they run pretty good at UDMA 5 so i'll just keep them....but

  2. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 75

    I would send the responses of both companies to the other company. That way they can see that you are getting the run around. Hopefully, you are not the only one talking to them so that they can see this is a real issue. Unfortunately, companies do not always like to admit they are wrong, but once the issue is resolved, they like to provide the fix and look like the heros... Keep in contact with them and send them any info you find in the forums. More than likely it will be a bios fix, but if there are not enough people complaining, it probably won't go fixed right away...
  3. Mudshark

    Mudshark TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 99

    Okay time to eat humble pie AGAIN.... the folks over at Samsung
    sent me UDMA6.EXE and it bumped the drive up to ATA133...
    A story with a good ending. It looks like they set the drives to
    ATA100 by default to avoid any potential issues, but it can be
    reversed. :eek:
  4. ColSha

    ColSha TS Rookie

    page not found

    tried downloading udma6.exe from samsung web site,
    but getting page not found.

    can some kind soul send me this file please ?

    or point me in the right direction to where i can down load it


  5. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 75

    Unable to locate it. I would contact Samsung directly. Then they will know that the link is not working or the file has been moved.
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,049   +11

  7. ColSha

    ColSha TS Rookie

    thanks for that Mictlantecuhtli

  8. troll444

    troll444 TS Rookie

    Samsung-Gigabyte ata problems..

    Hiya..first post here..cheers to all.. I am so glad I found this info..Have been going nuts trying to figure things out... I have a Gigabyte GA7DXR mobo,win2000 using 5 hard drive, three of which are new Samsungs. two 40Gb and one 160 GB and two Western digitals, one 80Gb one 40 Gb..

    The Western Digitals accept udma & work fine ..test ok using HDDTach utility.

    One of the trhee Samsungs does accept udma ata ..tests ok..

    ...the other two Samsungs only give a burst speed of 16.0 MB/s...one fifth or less than they should.. swapped new cables etc.. drivers, hdd tests etc.. still working on it... Will contribute any new info & solutions if I find them..
  9. hamateur

    hamateur TS Rookie

    file wanted

    could some one send the udma6.exe file plz

  10. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,049   +11

  11. hamateur

    hamateur TS Rookie

    ata 133

    I got have a giga-byte mb. model GA-KAU-939. an hard drive is a SAMSUNG SP1203N (120 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/133)
    bois only reads the hd at ata-100 UMDA-5

    when I used your Hutil program to set max dam . it only shows utlta dma mode 5

    I would like to set it up for udma mode 6 (ata-133).

    can some one send me the file udma6.exe to set it up then

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