GINA trouble - no welcome screen

By Spike
Jan 10, 2006
  1. [RESOLVED]: GINA trouble - no welcome screen

    If I searched and investigated long enough I could probably work it out, but I'm asking on the off-chance that somebody knows the answer as I wish to reboot frequently (and immediately) in doing some work on this machine, without all the fuss.

    All was fine untill I removed my Pioneer 110D DVDRW. I rebooted without it (i'd taken it to a clients to re-install their machine with an unattended install and left it there), and on loading, A GINA logon box appears with what is probably a "can't log you on for whatever reason" dialogue box that contains an OK button. This displays for fractions of a second before being covered by the welcome screens background (not, only the background, making it impossible to either shut down or log on, even withe the ctrl+alt+del*2 trick). If I hit enter repeatedly before the thing appears, sometimes I can catch it, and it then allows the welcome screen to load. If I miss it, I have to reset with the reset button and try again.

    Does anybody have any ideas?

    Nothing to do with the hardware - I though it was strange. In creating that same OEM unattended install, I tested a useraccounts.cmd file I'd created, which I'd forgotton was linked to an autologon.reg file. The accounts were created, and I'd deleted them, resulting in the autologon being completely invalid. Having just remembered, a quick change to the winlogon key in the registry set things right again :blush:
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