Giving life again to my IBM Netvista

By Hellson
Nov 17, 2004
  1. Im with one REAL problem...

    I have an IBM Netvista 6341/12P and my HDD went down...

    I dont have the Windows 2000 Pro for it, so I used Symantec Ghost in another 6341 (HDD MAxtor 40Gb) and cloned the partitions to my new Samsung 0412 (40Gb) .

    I thought everything was alright, but when the windows 2000 pro goes from the middle of the color start page it reboots or freezes.

    I tried all f8 options but the same thing happens.

    I tried the f11 (IBM Recovery) but the same thing happens...

    I updated my bios but nothing new...

    I disabled all devices (USB,AUDIO,CD) and tried f11 again but nothing new, it keeps freezing or rebooting...

    I chaged my processor (Celeron 800) to a Celeron 500 , but, same ****...

    I changed my memory, but , same thing....

    What the hell should I do ???

    I tried to install a window 98SE (Not IBM) with and without the windows 2000 and it also freezes in different locations...

    I tried an Netvista 6269 HDD cloning with ghost but, same problem...

    Does anyone have a solution ? :confused:

    Tks ,

  2. jstillion

    jstillion TS Rookie Posts: 91

    :bounce: Welcome to Techspot :bounce:

    At work, we have a lot of IBM Netvista's. We've found the last 3 captial equipment cycles feature a "nice" feature of buldging capacitors. I would open your case and see if the capacitors around the CPU are buldging / leaking goo stuff. If so. contact IBM and see if they will replace it, you may get lucky. In rare case we've had the leaking capacitor issue in the power supply too but was very rare.

    I would also download (Memtest86+) and test to see your memory.

    Due to questionable version of windows you are using (is it legit?), I can't go in to any software related issues / troubleshooting. Techspot does not support warez / illegal use of software.
  3. axlmastr

    axlmastr TS Rookie

    IBM NetVista 6648s freezing, rebooting, etc.

    Hellson I feel your pain!
    I have a friend of mine who purchased a dozen of the 6648 machines in an off-lease purchase from one of the local "whitebox" builders. I bought one in a pinch because of time constraints for me building my own (as I normally do). We have had the machines since Jan '04 with legit W2K licenses and set them up to run. We have always been fond of off-lease machines for the cost savings to new and have had great luck with the old Compaq Deskpros. We decided to try the IBMs since the Compaqs went dry. For the last two months we have tried to figure out why thre machines my friend has have the mentioned symptoms you have. Then my machine started doing it a couple of weeks ago. That makes four. Imagine that the original warranty on my machine according to IBM ended in May '04 and now it is dying. Old big blue has let me down and apparently others too. I've seen bulging caps on other MBs (Abit, Asus, MSI, & Gigabyte) and power supplies too dating from the time when this machine was produced. I want to see what IBM says about this when I email them. I would like to thank Communist China and the American public for embracing the Communists so that we may have cheap pieces of s**t like this that give good old American companies a bad rep. Whew!
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