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Mar 20, 2007
  1. I have a problem which should be easily resolved ... if only I could see my @#$&@* screen!

    After installing Windows security updates to SP2, I lost my font and font size for all folders, IE, OE and everything else. The new font is so tiny and faint that I can't see it well with my poor vision. I so seldom change things globally that I don't recall how to do it via MyComputer or ControlPanel. Worse, it doesn't do any good to keep hunting for WHERE I can make a change because I simply can't read what's there. Any help on shortcuts is much appreciated.

    One other thing - how can I permanently stop blocked images in OE?
  2. Nodsu

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    Boot into Safe Mode.

    As for where to fix it.. Look for the DPI setting or the monitor resolution in Display Properties.
  3. biscuit

    biscuit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Desktop props isn't where I need to be. I'd tried that before posting, but went back and changed the res as suggested. That only resulted in losing what little remained of my custom settings, as well as fuzzy icons at any of several sizes I tried. Bolder small stuff doesn't help.

    What I want to do is change the entire system font. I manually changed it in my email preview window right away and I still need everything else changed. I'm guessing that right now I have about an 8 pt arial font everywhere.
    Thank you for any assistance.
  4. Po`Girl

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    There are three settings in the Display Properties that have

    global effects on the size of the text..

    1.Settings - look for screen resolution on the left.

    2.Settings/Advanced/General - look for DPI

    3.Appearance - look for a drop down box,with "Normal" "Large" "Extra Large"

    I have mine on "Large"
  5. biscuit

    biscuit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I did all of that in the beginning, and have since tried other changes. Had it been successful I wouldn't have posted about the problem.

    Thanks anyway. . .
  6. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

    Sorry.Sometimes the obvious things have to be spelt out.It works 60% of the time.:)

    I`ve never heard of Windows updates having such effects on the font.

    The only other things,I can suggest are -

    1.Try a System Restore if you have any suitable restore points.

    2.Remove the updates,one by one,until the font comes back.If you can see enough
    to do that.

    "Go to Control Panel/ Add/Remove Programs.

    In the Add/Remove Programs window select the Show Update check box;

    scroll down to whichever update you wish to remove and highlight it with your mouse.

    A Change/Remove button will appear; click on it.

    Caution: if you do not disable Automatic Updates those updates will download and install once again.
    If they are security updates then you really do not want to remove them."
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