Global Server Locations

By marcothy
Jan 20, 2006
  1. I am in a gaming community that hosts tournaments with 64 player maps playing Battlefield 2 on a custom mod.

    Lately, we have had issues with lag and we have been trouble-shooting what might cause it.

    Some speculation as to the causes are
    • Terrain issues with actual custom maps
    • Server OS (linux vs windows)
    • Server Location (Virginia)

    The server box itself is top of the line. What my question is here is about location. We have good ping ratings and top end machines experiencing rubber-banding and warping that has nothing to do with the client side.

    As for the server location...anyone here an expert to know whether or not the location of Virginia poses a problem for us hosting a server like this that includes people from all over the world? I get the above issues here in GA, with an avg ping of 26. The issues are server-wide, despite good quality ping ratings across the entire player-base.

    Any helps appreciated.
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