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Globalsat BT-338 Bluetooth GPS

By F150HiBoy
Jul 28, 2005
  1. Has anyone tried the new Globalsat BT-338 Bluetooth GPS receiver?

    I am thinking about purchasing one for use with my iPAQ 6315 and have read a lot of positive feedback on it all over the net, but haven't actually spoken to someone that owned one.

    With higher sensitivity from the new SiRF III GPS chipset and a longer battery life (15+ hours), it seems to be better than most any other GPS receivers I've looked at and there's even a North American manufacturer's location in California (www.usglobalsat.com) for support ans warranty, which is another plus over some of these other Taiwan companies.

    It will be great to have an in-car GPS system that tells me when to turn and re-calculate my route if I mess up and get lost for under $300, as opposed to those sold in the new cars for over $2K for that add-on option.
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