GOG is discounting 4,500 games in its spring sale; here are some of the best deals


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In brief: Steam's regular sales tend to get a lot of coverage, but it's easy to forget that other gaming platforms also have big discount events. If you head over to GOG right now, you'll find a massive 4,500 titles on offer in its spring sale, and we've highlighted some of the best.

GOG's spring sale started just over a week ago and runs until April 3, so there's still time to grab a few bargains.

CRPG fans should take a look at the massive Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Mythic Edition, which includes the game, season pass, and a load of other extras. Usually $99, it's down to $29 in the sale. Fans of the genre should also check out the brilliant Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition, down to $18, Wasteland 3: Colorado Collection ($14.49), and the classic Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition ($5).

Regularly voted two of the greatest PC games of all time, Disco Elysium – The Final Cut is $9.99, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition is $15. CD Projekt Red's more recent Cyberpunk 2077, which has improved a lot since launch, is down to $30.

Looking at the classics, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines - one of this writer's all-time favorite games - is just $10. System Shock 2 is $2.49 and the original Dues Ex GOTY Edition is just under a single dollar, the same price as Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2.

Old-school point-and-click adventure lovers will be happy to see The Curse of Monkey Island ($2.44), Monkey Island 2 ($3.49), Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis ($2.09), and Space Quest 4+5+6 ($3.29) in the sale. More modern takes on the genre, including Thimbleweed Park ($5) and Beyond a Steel Sky ($11.89), are also available.

Some other top picks include Frostpunk: Game of the Year Edition for $14, Citizen Sleeper for $14, Norco for $8, XCOM 2 for $3, Torchlight 2 for $7, Alien Isolation Collection for $10, Hollow Knight for $7.49, and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition for $20.

These are just some of the best deals available on GOG right now. Make sure to check out the rest before the sale ends next week.

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No thanks, terrible platform, that randomly deletes cloud saves.. Many of those games have been free on Epic Games anyway


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No thanks, terrible platform, that randomly deletes cloud saves.. Many of those games have been free on Epic Games anyway
Nah I dont want my stuff DRM free, I want it DRMed by the chinese! I need my cloud saves for Tetris!
Some of the games "discounted" in your list, should be Abandonware ... and free imo...
By definition a game that is for sale by a company is not abandonware.


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GOG platform is the best game platform for anybody who wants to own the games they buy. Games bought on GOG are DRMfree and GOG provides you the kit of the game, so you can download it, install it and play it without internet connection or different activation shenanigans.
The other platforms like Epic and Steam do not provide the kit, and most of the games have DRM or require internet connection for playing even if the game is "single" player. Though some games on Epic and Steam are DRM free, they still require the Epic or Steam client app to run them or require some workarounds to play them. Epic is less restrictive than Steam but it is still restrictive.
Most of the games bought from other game clients like EA Origin, Ubisoft U-connect, Battlenet from ActiBlizz, Epic and Steam are rented not owned.
DRMfree games often run better (faster) than games with DRM. Some DRM games run slower or have a lot of instability issues due to infamous DRM software like Denuvo or EasyAnticheat.
Thus, if you want to own the games, buy them from GOG. Also, games bought from GOG can run without GOG client - Galaxy. Galaxy client is useful for achievements, purchasing the games and downloading them, or other info.
When I want to buy a game, first I check if I find it on GOG. If the game is not on GOG, 2nd platform I prefer is Epic, 3rd is Steam.
P.S.1. I appreciate and like Steam for what they are doing with Steam Deck and Steam OS.
P.S.2. Some games, especially multiplayers games require some anticheat software to stop cheaters. I understand their role, but too often those anticheat solutions comes with caveats like worse performance or stability issues.
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No thanks, terrible platform, that randomly deletes cloud saves.. Many of those games have been free on Epic Games anyway
Games from GOG platform save the games on the cloud and locally (on your computer HDD, SSD etc). You can copy your local saved games for backup if you like or if cloud synchronisation fails.
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Good ol' Chris from The Good Ol' Gamer! He made Star Trek: Armada II work with Windows 10. He's a hero to millions for that!

That's a great-looking sale. I'm definitely going to grab some games from there!