Good Books for beginner PC builders.

By foycur
Feb 16, 2005
  1. I wanted to post a thread and recommend a couple of books to people if they are new to building systems. I found these two in particular extremely helpful and wanted to share them with others

    "Building the Perfect PC"-Thompson and Thompson
    "Upgrading your PC"-TechTV publication

    Building the Perfect PC has guidelines for building five systems: a mainstream PC, a LAN party aluminum case PC, a server for home or small office, a media center PC, and a microATX system. The pictures are excellent, and while the authors are opnionated over what works the best, they are writing from their personal experiences and a lot of their recs seem to fit in with what others have recommended

    The second book goes into the nooks and crannies of just about every part of a system and breaks it down chapter by chapter. The pics aren't as good but the information is definitely helpful.

    People who have some experience may also find these books helpful, but the gearheads on here have probably written (or could write) a few books themselves. You guys all rock, thanks for your help on here when I was looking for answers to questions.
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