Good day to you all from Yorkshire, England

By RedNick
Aug 22, 2005
  1. My boss gave me his PC to look at, which his two delightful daughters (aged 12 and 9) have been at.

    They have tried and failed to remove NetNanny, simply by deleting random files from the installation folder. This causes the machine to throw a dickyfit at startup!

    Something (kids? trojan? virus?) has been at the AVG installation and now it doesn't run at startup and the control panel will not run at all!

    The thing is FULL of searchbars, Dialers, Adware, Goodness knows what.
    There are porno popups that won't go away unless you end the "trackurl.exe" process in Task Manager. Fine, except that by the time the PC has been running 60 seconds, the injured-but-not-dead NetNanny decides it needs to restart the machine with immediate effect.

    I rate myself as fairly tech-savvy but I reckon this one might require a bit of a community effort!

    I shall start with a reinstall of NetNanny and see if I can make it run for more than a minute, then get a HijackThis log posted.

    Thanks in advance! :haha:
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