Good games for a laptop?

Jan 7, 2008
  1. My dorm banned the use of my PC so i had to go out and buy a laptop. What are some good games with a lot of replay value that I can run on a laptop (nothing fancy like my desktop but its new, has onboard graphics nvidia some other low end stuff) my dorm blocked most online game ports so a single player with good replay value. thanks in advance.

    (I was thinking about getting maybe COH, Universe at War, or world in conflict.)
  2. sghiznaneck

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    Since you didn't list what laptop you purchased, I will assume it's a "run of the mill model". If that is the case, games like CoH and World in Conflict may run, but at the lowest settings. If you have an integrated graphics chip, they may not run at all.
  3. aksd

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    "Since you didn't list what laptop you purchased, I will assume it's a "run of the mill model"."

    True True...

    When I blew my mobo a few months back I was limited to my $350 gateway ML3109

    1.6ghz celeron
    512mb ram
    radeon igp (200m)
    ect. ect...

    I can play most of my popular games on it with a ram upgrade...couldn't go without WoW for fear of withdrawals and also able to play CSS and TF2. DODs doesn't play as well.

    Now you said the internet ports were blocked xD well...should be ok if you can find year or 2 old SP games :)

    Maybe farcry if you haven't played...the SP is great

    Goodluck with your search.
  4. LXIX

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    ha oops i forgot to list the computer, i dont really remember but its coming in tomorrow, its an HP with 2gbs RAM and a dual core AMD FX 2 cpu i think its athlon. and the 3 digit onboard nvidia graphics card, i know its not intergrated but i dont know a whole alot about graphics cards in laptops so i didnt know how powerful this one would be. i have coh on my desktop and i know that is fun, i can run it on high and my desktop is not all that better compared to this new laptop except that i have a good video card in my desktop.

    I'll do some browsing and thanks for the suggestions I do have a favorite old sp game but I've played through it many times with every class. Diablo II, but i guess i can ressurrect that title.
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