Good Mobo suggestion for Pentium D 830 CPU?

By FullGainer · 6 replies
Jan 28, 2006
  1. I've got an Intel Pentium® D Processor 830 3.0GHz CPU. I've been looking at Asus and Abit boards for this to go into. There are so many choices I'm a bit lost. Whats a decent board, any brand really, that you would recommend this CPU go into? Thanks!
  2. iss

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    Asus and Abit boards are top choices. which one you want depends on your finances and needs. for instance, if you dont have a sound card then you might want to pay a little extra for a deluxe version which typically has a better onboard sound chipset than the standard version. ( they also usually have onboard firewire.)

    oh and one other thing. stick with mobo's based on Intel chipsets and stay away from SIS or VIA based boards.
  3. FullGainer

    FullGainer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks iss. I'm looking to spend around 100-130 bucks or so. Do you think you are someone here could name specific board models so I can see what type of board I need for the specific CPU I have? There are just so many models that I want to be sure I'm getting one that supports my CPU. Thanks!
  4. iss

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    well, yuo would need to provide a little more info. do you have a video card? if yes is it AGP or PCI Express? memory, DDR or DDR2?

    according to Intel your processor is compaitable witht he folllowing chipsets.

    975 ( very pricey, over 200.00, but excellent future upgradability) 955 (hard to find these days) 945P and 945G, (both are plentiful and cheap, newegg has the Abit IL8 motherboard that is a 945P chipset for 106.00 U.S.) the abit board reuires DDR2 memory and is a PCI-E express.
  5. FullGainer

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    Thats just the info I need thanks iss! The only piece of the system I have at this point is the processor so no memory or vid card yet. I'll go with a board that supports PCI-e and DDR2. Speaking of vid cards, I was thinking of going for a 6800 GT. When using a card like this or the 7800, you need a strong power supply right? Like 450w minimum or something like that? Thanks again.
  6. LipsOfVenom

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    yesh!!! god those 7800's are monster gulpers. they need 450 watts minimum while the 6800 really only needs about 400 for a fully loaded system
  7. iss

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    Yes I would definitely go with a 400 watt plus PSU not only to insure yu hve the power you need but to make it a bit more future proof.

    one thing to remeber about power supplies they are not all created equal the vast majority of them are delivering only half their rated power once the PSU warms up. plus pay particular attention to how much is delivered on the 12V rail. you want 18A or more. ( unless it has dual 12V rails)

    stick with quality name bradn PSU's and I would highly recommend the Antec NEO series they are almost the equal of high priced PSU's from PC Power and Cooling at less than half the price. ( A PC power and cooling 510 deluxe is over 200.00, you can get an antec Neo 550 for around 100.00. or a 430 watt for 88.00)
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