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Jun 18, 2005
  1. I will not give up on my AutoCAD 11, (it costs too much!) I can run it in my DOS but how do I turn off my Windows? And then, how do I turn my Windows back on? Maybe I should just get some old computer that does not use Windows? The only thing that I have to do is turn off Windows Virtual something, and I have tried all the advice to no avail. Ms. Persistent : :giddy:
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    Which Windows version do you have?
    DOS is only available under W98, W98 and W98SE.
    All others require a boot-partition with DOS (this is the C-drive only!) and dual-booting to some Windows on another partition.
  3. jana

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    I have Windows XP. I did do a floppy boot disk, but what I need to do is turn of my virtual something. When I had AutoCAD on my old computer I had to configure my memory, but this is different. Thanks
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    If you have a FAT32 partition on your PC, you can install that Autocad11 on there.
    To get to proper DOS on your PC, you need to start from a W98SE bootdisk. Get it from
    You will need to make modifications to CONFIG.SYS on that floppy (using Notepad).
    Remove any lines that say:
    and replace any occurrence of devicehigh= with device=

    When you boot from that floppy, select the With CD support option.
    When you get the prompt A:> type in the driveletter of that FAT32 partition, like X: end hit Enter.
    You'll know the rest how to work under DOS.
    To restart Windows, Exit your Autocad, take the floppy out and press the Reset button.
  5. jana

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    Good old AutoCAD 11

    I'll give it a shot when I get back. Thanks, it sounds like it might do the trick.
  6. epsolon77

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    Been awhile

    I know it's been awhile since you last posted to this thread, but microsoft now has something out called virtual machine. You can install a full emulated dos version on your xp machine and run autocad, or anything else from there. I am doing the same thing now, except lost my autocad release 12 boot floopy. Any questions email me at
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