Good, online 'how to' for wirless network setup?

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Apr 15, 2006
  1. Good, online 'how to' for wireless network setup?

    Hi all,

    I'm struggling at the moment trying to set up a wirless network. I'm in Japan, and I'm using a Japanese airstation router (Buffalo), but my base PC is in English. I have two notebooks - one in English, one in Japanese (the latter for my wife). The airstation is connected to a cable modem.

    The airstation setup screen I get at is in Japanese, which is frustrating, but doable. I have downloaded an English manual for the unit from the Buffalo site, and that is getting me part of the way there. But still, problems exist.

    The main problem is setting up the different computers' connections to the Internet. I can get the PC to access the Internet (via username and password) viz the LAN connection through the airstation router, but when I do that it means I can't get access to the Net with a notebook in another room - i.e. no abilityt for two comps to similtaneously access the Internet. The ISP will not permit me to dial-up from two comps at the same time. I realise that using a dial-up system in this situation is incorrect, but I'm unsure how to change the way in which the notebooks access the Internet via the wireless connection.

    Each time I try and tweak the airstation system, I lose a connection or even the basic ability to acces the Internet from any comp. I'm restting the airstation and starting from scratch again and again.

    Any ideas? I can post any other technical details you want. I'm running XP.
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    Did you get yourself up and running with all the computers?
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    Yes! All successfully running now!

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