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Dec 15, 2007
  1. Hi, I've got Vista and I've had a few computer restarts and one BSOD. Now on my XP machine I used to use Norton Systemworks 2003 and used that one-click-checkup that would go through and fix any problems it found in XP. Since Vista gives me a compatiblity warning with Systemwrorks 2003, I'm looking for a new system utility to replace that one. I went out and bought System Mechanic 7 (not opened yet), but it looks like from reviews that the software is very buggy and not worthwhile. Before I return it, anyone have any suggestions on a good system utility software that works well with Vista? Thanks.
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    I've found Tune Up Utilities a good program for this:

    It also has the 1-click Maintenance option. I use that between running the full program. Have been using on 2 systems for several years. It is now Vista compatible,
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    by a long shot, crap cleaner (CC cleaner) which is free is an excellent program.
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    Considering the subject is: "Good system utility software for maintenance" I think the user asking the question needs to be more specific.

    Do you want a file manager? A 'cleanup' program? A program with various utilities to both manage "and" clean-up the system?

    I urge you to compare the various recommendations before making the choice- of course this is based on whether you come back at all!
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    Hey, thanks for the help guys. I was looking at a general software that maintains the stability of the computer and cleans out unecessary things left behind like in the registry. So far I've been giving the Tune Up utilities a try and it seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Though I am still looking into your other ideas suggested before the trial is up on Tune Up to see which would work best.
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    Thank you for clarifying that. I also use another program> The Ultimate Troubleshooter which along with other utilities, has a Housekeeping function far better than most programs. What is removed goes to the Recycle Bin and I then use my Eraser program to overwrite. This has allowed me to keep hard drive space available on one of my systems which is a 6+ year old desktop:


    You may have also found the Tune Up has a shredding function that overwrites.
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