Good YouTube links


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It's taken the world by storm. I didn't get into it until recently, but youtube is seriously entertaining! I don't like morons taping themselves (so I don't watch that crap), but I do love music film clips and movie snippets ... any of which I can find easily.

I also love football (Soccer) clips and heaps more ... so enough talk! Show me what u got :D

Me, Myself and Irene fight scenes


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Here're some funny ones that I've seen.

"Why men die early"

"Mustang Spin"

"Ball vs. Boy"


"Apple Parody"

"Easy Vista Install"

"Terrible car accident"(need youtube login)

"Ricer Song"(some language)

"VTEC song"(some language)

"How to dump your girlfriend" list is complete without:
"White and Nerdy"

That's a start.


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White and Nerdy was cool.

Since I enjoy Southern Gospel music, I just search for those artists' names, not really necessary to provide links.