Google can turn up credit card info

By Phantasm66
Aug 4, 2004
  1. I knew that Google was good for turning up lots of stuff, but credit card info was not something I supposed could be summoned up. Well, looks like I should have thought again.

    According to CNET, in their recent article on the matter, simple queries on Google can turn up some sites that have posted credit card information. And although some of the information is no doubt defunct, CNET was able to verify that some of the information was up to date and valid.

    "There is no shortage of ways to search Google to find such data. Whole sites spell out how to search for financial information and describe software vulnerabilities and vulnerable configurations on Internet machines."

    Google has declined to comment at this time.
  2. Heavy_lvletal_

    Heavy_lvletal_ TS Rookie Posts: 27

    -At the market, Rich Boy voice:

    -Hello Mister, Id like to buy that Radeon X800 with OverClock to have 300fps at Doom 3.

    -Ok, that will be 5000.

    -Heres my credit card

    Little geeky kid:
    -Look dad! he got that supa google credit card! i want one!
  3. <gasp>

    How can this be?!?

    Is Google actually finding pages on the internet that you search for?

    Good heavens, we have to put an end to this at once! Otherwise I'm sure people will use this bug to find information detrimental to what our government finds proper and correct, and we wouldn't want that would we?

    Ok, so you can find pages about credit card fraud. Go after the people hosting the pages instead of censoring the fr****n search engines!
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