Google Earth Problems.

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Well Google Earth was working prefectly fine on my system before and then one day it decided to stop working. Then I got an email from google saying that my subsciption had run out (have a google earth plus subscription) and well I renewed that hoping that it would solve my problem. I got an email with my new liscence key and downloaded google earth from the email containing the liscence key and I installed it. When I run the application it comes up with initiallizing google earth or whatever then just freezes. Does anyone know how to overcome this issue?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Try removing, then reinstalling Google Earth. Take the time to write down all the code in About Google Earth before you do, so you can reinstall it properly when done.


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I had a vaguely similar problem - Google Earth would load but froze when zooming and panning to a chosen location.

The solution was to change the settings in "Options" for the graphics mode from Open GL to Direct X.
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