Google is sending Stadia to its infamous graveyard of canceled services


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Not sure why there is so much hate for Stadia. I've had an account for two years and used an Xbox Bluetooth controller and played off my Samsung TV. It worked very well with no latency issues on the west coast of Canada. I used the free version and purchased a few games to play.

Not everyone wants a bulky console that consumes a decent amount of electricity sitting next to their wall mounted TV.
I don't have an issue with the concept of streaming games. I had an issue with Stadia because they required you to buy the game, specifically for Stadia. I liked Nvidia's service because you could bring your own games.

And, yes, not having to haul a gaming laptop or console system around to play games is a good thing. Being able to open up an ordinary laptop and plug into a streaming service seems attractive to me.


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This constant cancelling of various google products and services only builds more credibility NOT to depend on any future google products or services.


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The yet another BIG nail on the coffin for Stadia -- the very high streaming requirement. I don't know what Google *claimed* the requirement was, but I recall reading about people on "only" 40mbps connections complaining about streaming problems! Silicon valley may have very inexpensive 100mbps service and ubiquitous 1gpbs line for just a little more a month; but much of the country doesn't. This excluded much of their potential customer base from even considering the service.


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The funny thing is that a lot of streaming-oriented devices are coming out right now, like Logitech's handheld and Lenovo's "gaming Chromebook". They all look dead on arrival at this point, at best they could find some success as Android/emulation devices...

Honestly I just hope that Google will update its controller before or after the demise of Stadia in order to enable Bluetooth connectivity, as far as I know right now it can only be used as a regular controlled when connected with the USB cable. Just for the sake of cutting on e-waste, many of those things work well enough, people could either use them as regular controllers or sell them on ebay if they don't want them, instead of dumping them in the bin.


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Steam must also give a chance to make a medium dvd bd xl for backup and offline play if they goes down.
console in a controller must have overheating problems if it was used long time. fps are heavy to run.
ps4 5 makes good fps in games.
hope they would send a free console to play bought games. then.