Google is switching to a monthly update cycle for Chrome OS later this year


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In brief: Google regularly updates Chrome OS with minor fixes every two to three weeks, while significant milestones are set to release every six weeks. Starting with Chrome OS version M96 that'll ship in Q4, Google will bring the update cycle for its web-based OS in line with its Chrome browser, and will switch to releasing major revisions every month.

Chrome OS saw a surge in popularity last year, allowing it to overtake MacOS and secure second place on the OS podium by global market share. In the ever-evolving world of the web, Google is looking to deliver new features and security patches sooner to Chromebook users, trimming the update schedule on the stable channel from six to four weeks.

The announcement, Google notes, also prioritizes the four key pillars of Chrome OS - security, stability, speed and simplicity. Although the platform has maintained a reputation for seamless, trouble-free updates that will now keep users even safer with a faster release schedule, Google says it will have a separate 6-month update cycle in place for enterprise and education customers for added peace of mind.

The company adopted a similar approach with its browser earlier this year when it switched to a monthly update cycle for Chrome, allowing enterprise customers to switch to a slower 8-week schedule.

Additionally, Chrome OS will also be skipping version M95 altogether, jumping directly from September 2021's M94 release to Q4's M96, which will start the 4-week update cycle.

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