Google Search Box, can i add a new button?

By jahangir
Jul 1, 2006
  1. Hello everyone,

    Few introductory words:
    I made a blog And applied for google adsense for it. But the code they provided was in javascript and opera doesn't allow it, it supports only HTML. The only thing that is running on my blog is "google search contents". Again there was a problem with that, it was not appearing correctly. But I am learning html so I could figure out where the problem is so I fixed it.

    Reason for this post:
    Now to get more search queries from the search content box, I like to add an option of "search images" over there. I tried to make a button like I already have as " google search" I got the button but it is not searching images, it is searching not

    When I couldn't do this I tried to make a radio button to select the "search image" option from there, but again it didn't work.

    Now I need your guidance that Can I add the button or radio button for the viewers to search images right from my blog? is it possible?

    thank you very much
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