Google/Search Engine Error

By EKUcolonel · 6 replies
Oct 8, 2003
  1. Okay, I have a friend who I often help with Tech support. I can usually fix minor problems for him (his kinda computer illiterate), but I have also dealt with some major ones. This latest has me befuddled. Every time he types in the website for Google on IE, he gets this page that says "the domain cannot be found" or something. The page isn't your average "this page cannot be displayed type" It's like a professionally done page. Also, we tried other search engines, they came up, be we could not search for anything. When we entered a search into the field it came up with the "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" text. All other webpages seemed fine. (Metacrawler did, however, search). My first thought was of a virus, so I updated all his McAfee stuff. Then I did a manual search and looked through most of his files. I am stumpped. Anyone else have this problem? He has a brand new Dell (I forget the model) running XP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Tarkus

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    it's possible your searches have been hijacked by spyware. Try running Spybot Search and Destroy.
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    I was going to suggest your DNS settings, if you can't connect to any sites like then you need to contact your ISP and get their DNS servers to input inro you NIC.
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    Well, I checked his DNS settings already. Last time I went over there they were changed and I reset them. (I knew it looked odd b/c on the server we are on, we are supposed to obtain the DNS #s automatically. After I did that, his comp worked fine until Wednesday (I fixed it last thursday). I also d/led Adaware and some spyware software, and I (thought) that I got rid of the bad little stuff that was messing up his comp. ( checked his DNS again and it was still set to automatic.

    He also has one other problem, and I dunno if I should be asking it or not, but he can't connect to Kazaa. It just keeps saying "Connecting..." at the bottom of the screen.

    Like I said b/4, it seems that only his search engine sites have been disabled. I am suspecting a trojan, but there is nothig I have found that seems to point to one.
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    o.. shhhhhsss.. i haf.. da same problem.. um.. how can u fix it.. i think i can still connect to kazza though.. ^^;; T.T pllz.. help!!
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    Google Search error

    Did you found the solution for this problem ? I have the same thing.
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