Google tweaks algorithm to thwart keyword stuffing and link schemes


TS Evangelist
In an effort to penalize evil webspammers and reward those who utilize their SEO powers for good, Google announced that it will be adding new anti-webspam measures to its search...

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TS Rookie
"Don't let untrustworthy websites link to you (eg. don't utilize link farm services)"

I don't see how you can have too much control over this.. so if someone has a competitive website then it can add links to your website in those farm services.


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Now can they fix youtube searches? And regular google ones while they're at it? Srs, the biggest search engine around doesn't even leverage everything to provide accurate results. No Google, if I put a phrase in quotation marks, it means I want that exact phrase in the results or no results at all. I don't want the search to completely ignore my quotations (youtube) or find out that there probably aren't any results and then ignore my quotations (google).

Seriously, it pisses me off that it's harder to find a video on google if you know exactly what you're looking for than it does to find one through clicking sidebars.


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Link farms - I know how those work. But "like farms"? I don't really even see how that could be done, at least not in a way that would seriously bend a Facebook search. Every site with a desire to build a solid user base has "like" buttons scattered around, after all. What can a like farm do to make its services worth shelling out money for?