GoPro camera captures what it's like to drive a Hot Wheels car

Shawn Knight

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Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars were – and still are – a part of millions of kids’ childhoods. Much of the fun associated with the pint-sized vehicles involves imagining what it might be like to be in the driver’s seat during a wild off-road adventure, catching some major air or simply whizzing across the kitchen table.

Over the summer, YouTube user 5MadMovieMakers published an incredible “Road Trip” video that involved strapping a GoPro camera to a Hot Wheels car and following it on chaotic journey through backyards, sand boxes and even a swimming pool (thanks to the magic of editing, of course).

Seeking to outdo itself, the channel has now posted a “Hot Wheels Stunts” video in which we’re taken for a ride on a mini car as it performs all sorts of aerial acrobatics. If you loved the previous clip, you’ll surely appreciate this one as well (I know I sure did).

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TechSpot Paladin
The things you can do when you are financially well off.
It's not like you will be set a couple thousands off while doing this "crazy" hot wheels roads =P the session is $200 and the sets used maybe a hundred at most?

All it takes is a bit of imagination =)


TechSpot Paladin
I know, mostly I kept noticing dat nice house
Which he could be looking after for someone, or renting, or who knows, on visit and doing crazy hot wheels stunts, I sure as hell won't invite him to my house for that wrecking behaviour!! =P