GPU and CPU temp question

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What's a good idle and stress temp for a comp's GPU and CPU?
My ATI x850 is idling at between 39 and 43.. full stress gets it up to
around the high 60s.

CPU is idling around 37.. not sure on full stress yet.

That's in C btw.


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First thing is, what kind of CPU do you have?
This would help because many CPUs have much different idle and stress temperatures.

Your x850 is in good standing, you must understand that graphics cards can handle much higher temperatures (in the 60's as you said) than most CPUs.


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Unfortunately I listened to advice from a friend and bought...
ah.. well.. an *ick* Celeron.

I've got an Intel Celeron 346 3.06Ghz 533FSB Socket 775.

What's the highest safe range for an ati x850?


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Your graphics card temps don`t seem overly high. A graphics card runs much hotter than a cpu.

To check your cpu temps, download the Speedfan programme from HERE.

Typically, your cpu shouldn`t get much higher than around the mid fifties under full load.

If your cpu temps check out ok, you`ve nothing to worry about.

Regards Howard :)
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