GPU throttles at 75 degrees C

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About a month ago I complained and asked for help concerning a problem that shut down my laptop as soon as one pixel was rendered in any complex 3d scene. Eg. any game shut down in matter of seconds. Google Earth shut down in 15 seconds, etc.
The problem was solved by reapplying the paste as soon as I got home from holidays (local service shop).
Specs: Asus Rog Strix GL702ZC
- RX 580
- Ryzen 5 1600
- 8 GB RAM
- Windows 10 x64
The new problem appeared now. First off, the man in charge of fixing the laptop showed me something strange. He uses FurMark to stress the GPU and if the laptop runs on battery, the GPU temperature is around 57 and the FPS is not as high as it would have been (GPU not running full speed clocks). The moment he plugs the adapter in, the FPS jumps, but so does the temperature, by 15 degrees, to 78 C. In a second. The temperature fluctuates between 70 and 75, GPU constantly changing core clock to cool the GPU once it reaches 75, which brings me to the following.
Every game runs about 30 FPS (games that were ran 60 FPS constantly easily) with constant stutters. The game would freeze up, run 60 FPS for 2 seconds, freeze, lag again,... and so on and so forth. Only time it doesn't happen is in Dota 2 when I put lowest possible render quality. But a potato could run that so....
Anomaly: HWMonitor reports VRM temperature1 to be 25 degrees idle while VRM temperature2 is 56 on idle. I don't think the man changed the thermal pads on the VRMs and other chips around the GPU and CPU.
I've logged GPU-Z. The GPU temperature never exceeded 78.00 C in any game, while before all these problems I could play WItcher 3 fluently and easily at 84 C both GPU and CPU (normal temps for this laptop)
GPU memory clock was 2000MHz most of the time
GPU utilization was oscillating between 100 and 0 (eg. 100 for 4 seconds, 0 for 2, 100 for 3, 0 for 1, etc)
GPU core clock was all over the place from 300 (idle) to 1077 (load). 306 one second, 477 the other, 1077 for one second, 888.... and so on and so forth, you get the jest.
Right now I will try to flash BIOS to an earlier version. Windows Update updated the BIOS from 305 to 306, but the 306 version is not shown on the official support site for GL702ZC, maybe the BIOS is at fault.

This is the in-game log for Company of Heroes 2 (20-60 fps)
Any thoughts?