GQ Laptop / ECS G733E CPU upgrade

By sludgemonkey
Mar 8, 2005
  1. I have a 1 month old GQ laptop RX-7334 which is identical to the ECS G733E laptop.
    It functions great, but I would like to upgrade the CPU to at least 2,4Ghz. I can not find any help at manufactures websites. The manual states it support 400/533/800Mhz FSB, and give installation details how to insert a new processor, but no info on switch settings/supported processors.
    Current details:
    Intel Celeron 1800Mhz CPU
    System Bus Clock 400Mhz
    Socket 478 FC
    External clock 400Mhz
    Voltage 3,3/2,9V
    P4N Northwood (0,13mk)
    Family 15, Model2, Stepping 9
    L2 cache 128 Kb
    Help suggestions appreciated.
  2. sludgemonkey

    sludgemonkey TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ps forgot to mention that chipset is:
    SiS M661FX + SIS963
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