Graphic Card Woos

By Ragnarok-dot-WS
Sep 10, 2004
  1. I'm having problems installing my graphics card. It is the GeForce FX 5900. Forgive my lack of description, but I've been up all night backing up files and attempting to figure this out. Anyway, here's the problem.

    After receiving my video card yesterday, I promptly installed it in my computer thrn I ran into a big problem, so I figure it was a driver issue. So, in order, this is what I did:

    • 1. Went to Add/Remove and removed ALL Nividia programs.
    • 2. Remove the hardware from Device Manager.
    • 3. Boot up in Safe Mode and ran Driver Cleaner 3.1 to remove all Nividia drivers.
    • 4. Ran CAB Cleaner.
    • 5. Installed the latest drivers for the video card.
    • 6. Reboot to Normal Startup.

    And then after restarting from that point, I can't seem boot up Windows. It clashes mid-way through the loading screen (black screen, then restarts itself). But oddly enough, I can reboot in Safe Mode with ease. I removed all drivers and restarted and now the problem is gone (enabling me to log on to Windows normally), however, without the drivers, things are sluggish. Obviously I need to update the drivers, but does anyone know what the problem is in specific?

    When I called Tech Support last night, I got the lazy response of reformatting my HDD. Is that really necessary? Couldn't I just reinstall Windows without the troublesome reformatting? It's a real pain in the bottom to save all my files, which I am doing as I type this up. Any suggestions would be great.

    Unfortunately, I already perform two installations. One overwriting the Windows folder and another on a freshly reformatted HDD. I encountered the same problem. Could someone aid me? Did I get yet another deflective card?
  2. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Sounds like either a compatibility issue, or a conflict of some sort. It could be hardware or software. You stated that you installed to a fresh HDD. Do you mean you installed Windows to the HDD? If you had a fresh Windows install, and have performed all the Windows updates, installed all the latest drivers (MoBo, sound, vid, etc.) and still have the issue, it sounds like it might be a hardware conflict.

    What other cards, periferals, etc. do you have installed on the system?

  3. Ragnarok-dot-WS

    Ragnarok-dot-WS TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm not so sure it is a hardware thing. The card I received was to replace the card I had (GeForce FX 5900). I got the new card from BFG's RMA service.

    The 1st video card's problem involved playing games (graphical glitches, green dots). Other than that, the card works perfectly fine with the drivers.

    The 2nd video card, which is the replacement, isn't responsing to the drivers. The card works find without the drivers, but once I install them and reboot, I can no longer log onto Windows, which means I need to reboot in Safe Mode, remove the drivers, then reboot normally to gain access again.

    Also to note, I live in NY and we got hit with a big rain storm on Wednesday. I received the card on that day and the box it came in was completely wet, but I didn't notice any wetness on the card itself (it was in the static bag).

    To answer your question, other than the video card, I have one PCI soundtrack, one modem, two HDDs, and two burners (one DVD, one CD). My power source is 430Ws.

    By fresh install, I mean I install reformatted my HDD, partition it, and went through the Windows set up.
  4. MrGaribaldi

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    Have you tried using another set of drivers?

    You can find the 61.77 here or a list of older drivers here...
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