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By mdbobbitt
Dec 27, 2006
  1. I play Second Life quite a bit and have recently started crashing constantly. When I say crashing, I mean my computer literally shuts down completely. It only does this when playing Second Life. I am beginning to think there is a problem with the graphics card because at first the colors on the screen would just go crazy. This would freeze me up and I would have to restart. Then I started noticing there would be a message about my graphics card being reset...blah blah blah. Don't really remember what it said exactly. That stopped happening but then I just started crashing. I can't be on for like 30 minutes and then the computer just cuts off. Takes about 15 minutes before I can boot the computer back up. Hubby said he updated the drivers the other day...but in the middle of updating he got an exceptions error. He hasn't tried again and I keep having the same troubles. I have no clue where to go to update the I guess that is basically my question. The graphics card we have is a Radeon 3D Graphics Card. I don't know if there is anything else in the name or where I could look to find out but if someone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. I know our computer is up to standards as far as the game requirements but there is just something I can't quite figure out and I'm hoping this is it. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and sorry so long.
    mdbobbitt :)
  2. Mirob

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    To find out the card's name:
    Press windows key and pause/break. Select hardware then device manager. Click on the + by display adapters. Uninstalling it from there and restarting may fix your problem. The next startup should reinstall the drivers again.

    If that does not work, unistall the graphics driver in add/remove programs and download and install the new driver for your card from
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