Graphics card nightmares

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Apr 17, 2006
  1. I recently aquired a graphics card from my brother-in-law, he did not have the driver or the box the card came in. On the card there are some I.d tags one reads MVGA-NVG17GP(L) 64MB W/TV the other tag reads,
    VER. CS:8E00 S/N 2C004100251, on the cooling fan it reads Mad Dog. The card appears to me to be a geforce 4 mx440 by all the pictures and cross reference I have done, but I am not sure, I am by far a computer expert.

    I also have a graphics card I got from a friend, it is a Elsa synergy II-32 PCI, I am not sure which is the better card. I tried to install the elsa card but did not have much luck. I dont have problems installing the hardware just making it run is my problem.

    I have a Hp Pavilion 502n with wireless internet. I did have to change the hard drive. Everything works ok but when I try to play Call of Duty it keeps giving me an open gl error and tell me to download the latest drivers. I went to download the drivers and it keeps telling me that I have later drivers than the ones I was about to download. Well downloaded anyway and lost my picture. Did a system restore to get back to square one. Thats why I got more video cards to fix the problem. They where free with not much info that is why I am here. What I need is,
    1. Which card would be better for gaming and graphics or which card is compatable?
    2. Info on how to full install and Make card work.

    Any help or advice with this matter is greatly appreciated,
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    1.The geforce 4 mx440-agp is faster
    2. What version windows and what does windows default with g4mx440 driver?

    Try going to for latest drivers.

  3. Brad63e

    Brad63e TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have XP, I have not tried to install the g4mx440 yet, I was waiting on a reply to see which card is better. I appreciate your feedback. I will attempt to install the g4mx440 and go from there.

    Do I have to disable the original card in the bios to get the new one to work? If I do how and when do I do that? I know how to get to set-up and will be able to make changes with minimal advice. I need to know the sequence of events to get the card to function. The card is a pci if that means anything.

  4. Cronnie

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    I believe you have to disable the card from device manager....

    To get there:

    Start > Control Panel > Admin Tools > Comp Management > Device Manager

    Once your on device manager: (well on my one anyway)

    Display Adapters > ___________ (your graphic card) right click and un install...

    And your done!

    Then you can remove the old card and put in your new one :)
  5. Brad63e

    Brad63e TS Rookie Topic Starter

    disabling card

    First, thanks for your reply. I think your right I was playing around in the control panel and seen what you have described. The graphics card on the Hp pavilion is on the motherboard not on a pci slot so I think all I have to do is disable the card and install the new one in the PCI slot..

    My question is when do I disable the card, after I install the new one and the drivers or before???

    I appreciate everyones help, thanks,

  6. filipmike33

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    you disable it before installing the new graphics card
  7. SOcRatEs

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    Have you settled on which card you want to use?
    I believe you'll also need to go into bios to select agp as first video boot. Sometimes it just gives: onboard or pci, selecting pci will also disable onboard video, set the agp arpeture to 64mb or 128mb, then look for any shared memory settings and set to zero. Shut down, install video card and reboot.
    Be sure to install latest drivers once your in windows.

  8. Brad63e

    Brad63e TS Rookie Topic Starter

    which card

    Thanks for your reply, I think I will be using the geforce 4 mx440, I think it is the better card from what other people has said, I'm not sure which is better. I like to play games so I hope that is the better card choice. Thanks for your help, I will try all this when time prevails.


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