graphics card problem, Black screen

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Graphics Card = Nvidia 6600
Computer = Shuttle XPC Barebone (SS56G v2)
Motherboard = Shuttle FS56 V2
OS = Windows XP SP2

Well I took apart my computer and put it back together about 3 times and after the third i turned it on and the screen was black straight away as soon as i pressed the ignition button. (the other times I turned it on it was fine).

I have determined that it is the graphics card because I plugged the monitor into the motherboard VGA port and it worked like normal. I have tried taking out the card and cleaning the port.

I went into Device Manager and under other devices it says: "VIDEO CONTROLLER (VGA COMPATIBLE)" but it has a exclaimation mark by it. And when i go into the properties of it it says: "THE DRIVERS FOR THIS DEVICE ARE NOT INSTALLED (CODE 28)". But i cannot install the drivers with the cd I have and i cannot use hardware update wizard.

My CD ussually identifies the card and the installs the drivers, but this has not happened and at the top where it says what the card is it says "NO SUITABLE DRIVERS".

I have had the same problem before but i didnt know what the problem was and I gave it to a shop to sort out so i dont know what exactly is wrong.

Can someone please tell me what to do?

Much Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh i just remembered, I did update the bios about a day or so before this happened. And I will try to install the drivers again.
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I downloaded the drivers from the nvidia website and when i try to install them it gets past the extracting files and then its says: "THE NVIDIA SETUP PROGRAM COULD NOT LOCATE ANY DRIVERS THAT ARE COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR CURRENT HARDWARE. SETUP WILL NOW EXIT."


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In that case, you need to uninstall the drivers and any applications for your onboard graphics (I'm assuming you are using it now) then shut down and go into your bios and see if primary display can be set to agp or external depending what options it gives you (if any).

Then plug the monitor into your new card and boot up and install the driver you downloaded. If that doesnt work, there are a few more things to try.
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I am not sure how to do that. There is one option that is called "VIDEO" and the options are:

CGA 40
CGA 80

(Sorry about this, I am not very "enlightened" on this area of computers)
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