Graphics card running far too hot.

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Feb 7, 2007
  1. Hi,

    Its -2 degrees here in Liverpool at the moment, but my graphics card is running at 50 degrees stock, and has for the first time just locked up despite me just surfing the net on my computer. It used to get to about 55degrees after playing games for hours in the summer, but never locked up. Then it began to get to about 63degrees and started locking up a lot when gaming unless i took the side panel off.

    The cooling on it has obviousy messed up, but not it seems the actual card is damaged becasue its seizing up at 50degrees. I assume its the card casuing the computer to sieze up (everything just stops, i cant move my mouse and the sound sticks as a high pitched noise, but the last imagine on the screen remains and isnt garbled - am i right in thinking its my graphics card causing this?)

    Its a 7800GT and i got it at about christmas 2005. What can i do to get it fixed? Should i send it back to nvidia?
  2. F1N3ST

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    50 degrees is not high, they run good until about 80 degrees celciuys.
  3. Tacitus

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    50degrees idle? I dont know what others run at, but mine locks up at about 65degrees. What is it with this site nowadays? Hardly anyone replies to anything. The 'community' seems to have gone down the pan.
  4. SNGX1275

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    There are other forums on the web if you don't like this one. Plenty of people are getting the help they need here without complaining.

    Yes 50C isn't a dangerous temp, and certainly not "far too hot". Nobody cares how cold it is outside, it is your ambient air conditions where the computer is that matter.

    Gradual temp increase seems to indicate gradual dust buildup. Clean it. Update your drivers. If neither of those fix it then your card may be failing.
  5. wolfram

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    I second that. We're busy sometimes. We can't be here ALL day long ;)
  6. nickc

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    I would like make another statement as to the original question. that card is running way to hot, I am running 7800GS with the newest drivers that I am aware of and have yet to seem my tempts above 52c normally at 50 or under. take a can of compressed air and clean the fan, if that does not fix your problem if the card is still in warrenty return it...

    also to u'r gripe. I for one have been in surgery. which just goes to say the whole world does not revolve around this forum and lots of us are getting older.
  7. foozy

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    50c seems a little warm, but not about-to-melt hot. As has been said, a good dust cleaning should do the trick.
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