Graphics card upgrade problem

By podraig ยท 6 replies
Jun 25, 2005
  1. I am replacing my current graphics card with with a new Gainward GeForce 6800. My problem is (I think) that the card itself is twice as wide as my current one and there is a (sound?) card in the way. I have moved the sound card to another slot, fitted the new graphics card but there is a problem - when I reboot, the screen i dead and I get a constant 'beep' coming from the PC's internal speaker. If I don't move the sound card, the new graphics card won't fit.

    Apologies for non-technical language, I'm not used to this stuff!

    Can anyone help please!!!!

    Dell Dimension 8250, with a Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz(tm) WDM Interface and NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200
  2. compguy

    compguy TS Rookie Posts: 162

    Well lif the computer beep 3 times its's your video card. So I'am assuming that t you are not putting your video in the right way. Also make sure that your video card has a power cable going to your power supply because alot of people have that problem they forget about that. :bounce:

  3. kol_indian

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    Constant long beeps :suspiciou i will agree with comguy i will also check and see if the RAM is become loose that is u have not disturbed the RAm while plugging in the new Card.
  4. podraig

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    Thanks guys - power lead not plugged in correctly... Now all sorted out.
  5. Moralt3nacity

    Moralt3nacity TS Rookie

    Whoa whoa whoa I've had the 3 beeps thing. My card is running now 10 fps and it should do around 100 or so. How do I reroute more power to the card?
    It's an AGP8x/4x slot, and inserted right, I'm pretty sure.
  6. compguy

    compguy TS Rookie Posts: 162

    Moral glade to hear you herd the 3 beeps LOL. well 1st you will need to get a more powerfull power supply like a 480 and if you can push it get a 500 watt p/s. If the power supply don't work then you will need to get a new video card :( .

    Moral glade to help and please post back when you know what happened

    Good luck, :haha:

    Sebastian :darth:
  7. Moralt3nacity

    Moralt3nacity TS Rookie

    Thanks, I figured it out.

    It did, absolutely require a higher power supply but that was not all. Also, I found that others had been having similar problems on the newest driver, so I reverted to a driver from 2 versions before and it runs now 91 fps usually on CoD on high graphics with a Raidmax 450W Power Supply.
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