Graphics cards for my system

By hamilton18
Jul 28, 2007
  1. I have had ongoing problems with a home built pc that I bought some time ago. At one stage it was working fine but the HD died and needed replacing.That was when the problems began.As it needed to be reformatted I was lost without all the drivers.Anyway my specs are as follows:
    2 processors running Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80Ghz
    CPU speed 2.80GHz rated at 4.20GHz
    Ram 1023.5MB
    OS XP professional Service pack 1
    Disk space 177.4GB
    Direct X version 9.0c
    Minimum sound card
    Video card and this is where I have the problem. currently NVIDIA GeForce FX5700.
    My question is what card will work best on this system .The games I would like to play would be Fear, Ghost Recon etc
    Any suggestions would be appreciated
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    ok, your gfx sucks for one (sorry to be blunt).
    You need to tell us what mobo your using, or at least if you have AGP or PCIe. And what budget you have.
    BUT first thing: update XP to SP2, now! You're asking for a kick in the spuds with SP1. Plus it will mostly likely have updated drivers for your devices.
    FEAR does demand a good card, so be prepared to open the wallet up. :)
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