Graphics distorted/Computer restarts almost randomly

By Keale
Apr 24, 2006
  1. Heeeeey. I've seen that a whooole bunch of people have had problems similar to this one, but all with different causes.. Here's what my computer has been doing:

    Everything runs well. I was playing a game and my computer restarted. Later, same thing.. Then one time the graphics got messed up (lots of little colorful boxes), and my Radeon thing said it was trying to correct an error but failed to (VPU Recovery feature). I had to restart to fix the graphics on 3d things again. This has happened at these times: Playing games, installing new software, downloading a large file, opening IE while having a game open in the background, but never while idling.

    Asus A8V K8T800 Pro Chipset blah blahb lahhblahblah
    AMD 64 3000+ 1800Mhz
    2 x 512MB Corsair XMS pc3200
    128MB ATI Radeon 9600 All-In-Wonder
    WinXP Corp SP2

    Here's what I've done/I know:
    One stick of RAM I know is good, and the other is brand new. I tested each stick individually, same problem. I ran memtest on them anyway and they seemed fine. I'm pretty sure that's ruled out though.
    I haven't seen my processor heat go above 93F yet, so I don't think that's a problem.. Heatsink on processor/graphics card don't get hot to the touch. This is a fresh install of Windows on a new mobo/processor. I uninstalled all old graphics drivers and got the latest ones for my card.

    My psu is old, and only 350W, so this might have something to do with it. Also.. This card doesn't take toooo much power.. Should I plug the power into the AGP slot on the mobo? Just wondering.. Anyway! I didn't know anything about minidump or anything like that about 10 minutes ago, so I don't know if I did this right. :eek: Turned off automatic restarts, froze my computer, waited a little while... Blue screen. It said the probably might be with atisomething. I think it was my ATI driver. I'm not convinced though.. I got this minidump file. I'm sure you'd love to see it. Here it is

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Cirion

    Cirion TS Rookie

    Have you tried a new video card? i wouldnt recommend buying any new hardware, if you have a spare video card and PSU try swapping them. If you dont have a spare PSU just try unplugging your extra case fans and possibly and CD/FDD you dont essentially need at the moment. The PSU can still be putting out the incorrect voltage, but atleast that will test if its a power strain issue. But still i would go with Video card as number 1 fix, just seems most common fix.
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