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By HellsPlumber ยท 6 replies
Dec 15, 2007
  1. Recently, my computer has been having problems. After a random ammout of time, the screen would become "pixilated". I found this pic on the web that looks like the same problem:


    Replace "htp" with "http" though because it wont let me post a link -_-

    So I checked the graphics card and it seemed fine. But the problem continued to I replaced the card with a known working one.
    But now the problem is that my PC will randomly reset itself =(

    Sometimes its after a few mins, other times it takes hours but it means I cant really use my computer as I never know when its just going to reset.

    Any Ideas?
    Thanks for reading
  2. Daveskater

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    Hello, HellsPlumber, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

    Please take a moment to read the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible :)

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    If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum :)
    Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

    Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

    With regards to your problem, put your original graphics card back in and update the graphics drivers. If this doesn't help then take the card out and clean out the fan with a can of compressed air to get the dust out.
  3. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    just to make clear. do you still have the video problem with the replacement video card or do you now have the problem of sudden resets or both?
  4. HellsPlumber

    HellsPlumber TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The video problem is gone with the replacement card, now my computer just randomly resets =(
    Ididdent know what forum to put this is as I dont know if its the graphics card,power supply or what =S
  5. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    It is mostly concerning your graphics card so it should have been posted in Audio & Video really, but don't worry about it.
  6. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    you should make sure all drivers of the old video card are removed, tools as well.
    then update the driver of your replacement card to the newest version.
  7. HellsPlumber

    HellsPlumber TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Daveskater :
    I wasent sure if it was graphic card or not because when i replaced it with a workin card the graphics where fine. It just resets itself now :s
    Sorry a reply took this long.
    Ironicly, my pc reset when typin it =P

    I just un installed all the graphics drivers and reinstalled the latest ones for the replacement card. Hope my pc stays on =P
    Il let you know.
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