Graphics Problem

By bgulab
Jan 28, 2006
  1. Hi, Whenever I turn my pc on my monitor doesnt seem to start up. However the problem seems to be rectified when i turn my pc on/off a few times! I have since entered the bios and found the current graphics setting is set to PCI. I changed this to AGP as i have an AGP graphics card installed (Radeon 9500). However despite saving this setting, each time that my monitor doesnt turn -- and then when it eventually does (after a few attemps) -- when i go back into the bios the Pci setting is still enabled. I have since gone to control panel and found that my radeon graphics card is telling me that it is on a PCI slot. Even though when i enter the graphics card module it clearly states AGP. I have since tested this graphics card in other machines and it works fine.

    Much appreciated.
    I have an Asrock K7v88 motherboard, 512 Ram, Radeon 9500 graphics, 40gb hdd, asus cd/dvd drive.
  2. Adwin

    Adwin TS Rookie

    Have you tried updating your BIOS?
    You can also check what slot your card really is.
    PCI is the ~10cm, white one.
    AGP is generally brown / reddish.
    Anyway, check in your GFX card manual, or use something like AIDA32 to test it.
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