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Jun 5, 2003
  1. Hi i wondered if there`s something wrong with my computer it scores very low on the 3DMark2001 test(only scored 1600!).It`s only a very basic system but this seems a bit low to me.It has Athlon XP 1800(1.5Ghz) with an Asus A7N266-VM motherboard(built in video and graphics).Has it got dead video RAM?
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    built in graphics:) ......only some of the nforce boards have an mx quality geforce onboard......some stronger applications are on the horizon......but, even the mx is weak........and on your board......i'm not even bothering to look it up.....
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    I have the same exact motherboard. I recommend dumping the GeForce 2 Integrated. I heard that the A7N266-VM supports up to a Ti4600, so you can go with that (just make sure its a 4x AGP.) For additional performance, see if you can upgrade your CPU to an Athlon 2400+.

    One note of advice: When getting a video card, stay away from ATi. I've heard that it has some incompatibilities with the nForce chipset.
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    well said

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    A link please ? a source ? something ? :confused:
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    I've been reading just the seems most of the high-end gamers prefer the new N-force2 chipset and the R9700PRO and R9800PRO....from nVnews and Rage3D....(Nvidia and ATI fansites, respecively)
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    the geforce comparison at tom's hardware......launch in two weeks.........
  8. JSR

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    & doom 3/nvidia thread

    by olefarte.........
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    your problem is onboard grafics for a start even nforce2 is lacking these days with the new gerforce fx ultra range and ATI 9800 Pro. 3d benchmarks are based on how your cpu can handle grafix so i would reckon the reading of 1600 is a decent estimate. I would recommend you get a geforce 4ti 4200 best value video card out there!
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