Greetings! And addendum..

By bavon
Oct 27, 2008
  1. Why I did not register before I just don't know. Well here is my first post and certainly not my last.............
    Now that I have two working PCs, the Evo D500 being the most stable and strangely fastest PC I have ever had, I intend to enjoy my super-fast Sky 100 (10Mbps in reality ) broadband to the full by interacting with the Internet instead of sweating over a hot OS trying to squeeze one more bps out of an overheating, mis-matched mess.
    I've just downloaded Office 2007 Trial which now looks like my next software purchase as it seems to really suit my needs. Not so sure about Vista but I'm sure that I will have to make the switch sooner or later.
    Also stable system is a great help with my college studies. I'm doing my ECDL with a view to IT ( mundane I know, but the way to go )
    So once again: Greetings!

    Addendum is not really the right word. Is it?
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