Greetings and details

By hillhopperwv
Jan 27, 2005
  1. Greetings to members, and newbies. I'm here for learning new stuff and sharing info on what has worked for me. Experience is self taught, both assembling and maintaining both hardware and software from systems back to the days of the C-64 to the current system using a genuine Intel family 15 P4 1.6Ghz,
    640 Mb memory, 3HDDs etc. etc. No further than Win98SE for an OS, but the
    tweaks and upgrades still run smoothly. Firefox for browsing, Eudora for mail.
    Spy snappers and utilities keep the numbers even. After five or six years at this
    without doing it for profit and self education only, it's paying off in clean running
    and minimal maintenance. Can't say the same for another P3 system I bought used yet, but am in process of debugging it too. Good to have another chance to post beyond IRC... (didn't have much luck with that)
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