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By naiya
Oct 17, 2007
  1. Dear TS Community,

    Thanks for having me as a new member. I discovered your site by inquiry, as I recently pondered the probabilities of bypassing blocked Internet sites. (I did find the answer in your Forums; thanks.) No, no... not to play games; I'm a researcher by trade and was finding that various beneficial sites were inaccessible from behind this lame company filter.

    I see that many of you are knowledgable in a great number of technical subjects, and I look forward to posting questions (and hopefully a few answers) as they come up.

    If any of you should have inquiries about information development (as in tech writing, web-based course development, e-learning, writing industry best practices, liaising between developers and users, or anything else of that nature) please do not hesitate to ask. It's not exactly technical or specialized in the way of computers, but you never know.

    As for the more technical issues, such as things like, "Hey, how come my new CPU and motherboard don't seem to be compatible," and "How much will my system's performance improve after I upgrade from an AMD64 3500+2.2ghz with an Abit AV8-3rd Eye motherboard to a Q6600 Quad core 2.4ghz with a ASUS P5K-E..." well... I'll just leave those to the rest of you. ;-)

    Very best regards,

    Naiya Cominos
    Technical Writer, Information Developer
    Musician, Artist, Occasional Philanthropist
    Portland, Oregon

    naiya dot net

    "Don't come to Portland! It sucks here!"
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