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By pdyckman@comcas
Jul 2, 2007
  1. I run 2 PC's. One for XP and the other fo Vista Premium. I'm getting into gaming more and just installed an Nvidia 8800 GTS SC 320mb. My mobo is an ECS PT-890-A. I have a Pentium D 945 presler dual core (3.4 GHZ w/2 mb per core). I use a Creative Audigy Soundblaster soundcard with Logitech X-530 speakers. (5.1) I have 2 GB of Crucial 533MHZ ram. (2x 1024mb). My hardisk is a Maxtor Sata 150, 300 GIG/16MB. I have an Ultra X-Finity 600 watt PSU. I have a Memorex combo drive and a Mad Dog 18X triple format DVD-RW. My Vista PC is the same except for Pentiun D 915 dual core cpu. 2.8 GHZ w/ 2mb per core. To save $ I put the GPU in whichever machine I'm using. I'm discovering that XP is mostly where the gaming is at right now. Am looking forward to direct X 10 graphics. I have been learning for about four years now. I enjoy hardware and software troubleshooting and repair, as well as being online. I have learned that a computer just might do the last thing that you'd expect it to do. Happy trails, pdyckman from Calif.
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