Greetings from South Africa

By BillPCT
Feb 18, 2008
  1. Hello everybody

    As a retired techno junkie I have too much time to mess around with my computers (one desktop and one laptop).

    Having worked with pc's since the early days of the coal powered, steam driven dos ibm's, I've learned most of what I know by making mistakes and fixing them.

    Now I'm able to help other people, usually friends and family, to solve their problems and in doing so learn even more about what makes these very helpfu,l but sometimes infuriating, boxes of plastic, metal and wire tick.

    For most of the time I am able to figure out ways of overcoming problems but just occasionally it's useful to other people help from their own experiences at solving problems.

    TechSpot's website was listed in a Google search where I was trying to find a solution to a problem I have at the moment.

    I'll post the problem (laptop hard drive related) and the accompanying question/request for any suggestions on the appropriate forum.

    Hope somebody out there can help.

    Bye for now.

  2. jackforbes

    jackforbes TS Rookie

    hi there everyone i am a newbie help me out,
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