Grrrr. Internet connection frustration

By Spike
Feb 4, 2004
  1. OK! This is starting to get annoying. I've still got no sound in linux. this is because I have no internet connection, and I'm getting sick of rebooting the PC every 5 minutes to look for help online, serch google, download, etc.

    I have now installed my adsl modem, and it synchronises with the line no problems. I am using the ECIADSL driver. My ISP is AOL, I have entered the DNS address(es), and my username and password.

    In XP, It is now possible to connect directly to AOL using the modem, and NOT their software, simply be entering, and your password.

    Why is it that in Linux, When I click on run 'startmodem' and open mozilla, I get such messages as " cannot be found" when I try to open a web page?

    I don't have much hands on experience of Linux. Other people have managed to connect to AOL using just the ECIADSL modem driver. Why can't I? I've tried a variety of DNS addresses, aquired by typing ipconfig /all from the xp command line while connected to aol.

    I simply can't keep on trying to get the most I can from linux (Simply sound and other basic things at this moment) without being able to get online with it.

    I'm not one for giving up, but this is now getting annoying. please help!
  2. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 2,168

    OK! Just as I got to my wits end with Linux, I managed to open a broadband connection to AOL.

    For anybody who might ever have this problem, please be aware that to connect to AOL from linux, you need a working modem, DNS addresses, a username and a password.

    your username for a direct connection is, and your password is whatever you set it as.

    Get your DNS addresses by typing "ipconfig /all" from a windows command line while connected to AOL

    If using a broadband modem, the one AOL currently supllies (the BT Voyager 100) is not fully supported. The original BT Voyager modem however is supported by the ECIASDL driver. To connect to aol using this driver, BE SURE TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL SETTINGS!

    The defaulted settings in the ECIADSL driver are for france, and there are no other settings listed. For AOL in the UK, change the 5 to a 0, and the 35 to 38.

    this should be all you need to connect to AOL from a linux with a 2.4 kernel. I couldn't say if it's possible from another kernel, but there's nothing stopping you trying.

    Guys, I hope google finds this page, because there's not much info out there, and the PENGaol GUI certainly didn't work for me! I spent DAYS trying to get this working! lol
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