GTA San Andreas - problems loading a saved game!!

By zak55555 ยท 19 replies
Jun 23, 2005
  1. when ever i try to load a game it says the save game is corrupted!!
    i tried downloading a save game file and still it says it is corrupted!!
    i even tried reinstalling the game; still corrupted!! :dead:
  2. zak55555

    zak55555 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    hello anybody!!

    I still need help!!
  3. BringinHeat

    BringinHeat TS Rookie Posts: 139

    I have not heard of the retail copy of the game having this problem, however i have heard about the warez version with this problem. Did you buy this game or did you DL it off the net.
  4. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

  5. zak55555

    zak55555 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    I confess i bought the game is a warez copy

    I bought the game from a place in marocco wich sells warez games cheap; but i have bought lots of other games from them and none of them have problems like this...
  6. zak55555

    zak55555 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

  7. Iudeus

    Iudeus TS Rookie

    I still need help PLEASE

    Hey, i downloaded that fix, and it contains a file. I unrared it, lauched it, it did nothing, still saved and then said corrupted. Then i put it in the file of the game (program files, rockstar, GTA SA) lunched it, pressed fix, nothing. Did the same thing in the my documents save folder nothing. Than i uninstalled it and re installed it trying tha same things. NOTHING. Still corrupted. Can u please explain me exactly what u have done so i can play SA? i love the game and it's heartbrake ing, all my friends almost finished it and i'm stuck. Please help me, 10x
  8. BringinHeat

    BringinHeat TS Rookie Posts: 139

    Put the extracted files in the appropriate directory, make a short cut of the .exe file on your desktop and play.... :wave:
  9. Obsidian

    Obsidian TS Rookie

    Disappearing save files

    my san andreas games save files have seem to have dissapeared. it was working fine. then i just went to play it and there are no saves in the load screen.

    can someone please help me with this. i really dont want to start again
  10. Austin44

    Austin44 TS Rookie Posts: 67

    is it me?

    is it me or do people who play sand andreas on pc would seem to be pervy?( because of the hot coffee thing)
  11. Jester_7even

    Jester_7even TS Rookie

    save game corrupted files

    I have a retaail version of San Andreas , I bought it at Sam Goody.I have the same problem with corrupted save games.I tried uninstalling then reinstalling and it still comes up the same.I even tried downloading a save game and inserting it into the game , same thing with the corrupted file.nOTHING SEEMS TO WORK , ANY IDEAS?
  12. BringinHeat

    BringinHeat TS Rookie Posts: 139

    Did you try any of the solutions above before posting for help???
  13. lulu_abdl

    lulu_abdl TS Rookie

    people i need help plzz!!!

    people plz any1!! wen i open my game, well after the credits it crashes totally plz!! does any1 know a soultion or smthn plzzzz?????
  14. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Posts: 259

    i had a similar problem but i solved it easily enough. all i did was copy my saved files to my documents or any other folder. deleted them from the save game directory. opened the game. started a new game. played for about 2mins. exited. copied over the old save files and then opened the game again. loaded my files and continued playing... somehow i don't think it will work for everyone but you can try it if you want...
  15. KH Guitar Freak

    KH Guitar Freak TS Rookie

    What do you actually mean??? The funny thing is the game works in my bro's com... which has a lower spec. than mine. :mad:
  16. KH Guitar Freak

    KH Guitar Freak TS Rookie

    Mine's is a copied version from the original... the only thing diffrent is that I use the No-CD patch... and I've tried editting the registry... which creates a new folder where the save games should be stored... but it still doesn't!!! Any suggestions???
  17. notech

    notech TS Rookie

    Guitar Freak Tell me what you did in registry. I know making another save folder will work but tell me the registry key for it.(Where is it located)
  18. KH Guitar Freak

    KH Guitar Freak TS Rookie

    Nah... I decided to use the download suggested by this post to do the registry thing for me... but it still didn't work. Tell me how do to do the "making a new save folder" thing.
  19. scx_tyler

    scx_tyler TS Rookie

    can you tell me where you downloaded the save game files from?.... the corruption might be caused by a virus in your computer you should run a antivirus program to check if you have a virus that is causing the files to be corrupt.
  20. Subwolfer BRO

    Subwolfer BRO TS Rookie

    I'll tell you what to do!

    get up your lazy *** and manually finish the game your self like i did.
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