Gunbound Crashing

By b00bE
Mar 1, 2005
  1. First off for those who don't know what Gunbound is. It simply a free online game and is very much like Worms.Anyways, I haven't played in awhile and decided to start back up. So started to play and in the middle of my game it crashes. I didn't think it was a huge problem so I went back in and then it crasehd again. Finally I deleted is completly ad re-installed it. Same problem. I've also tried a spy-ware scan, optimizing and virus scan(updated it too). A friend said it might be an "undetectable virus". I also downloaded DirectX 9c and downloaded the latest driver for me Geforce4 MX440. and yes've already tired contacting the GB support team and have been waiting for thier reponse for about a week. Help? System Restore?

    P4 2.2GHz
    Geforce4 mx 440

    Yea its not the best thing in the world but I know people who a lot worse than that and can play GB. Thats why i think its a virus but im hoping its not.Thanks.
  2. knuckleball

    knuckleball TS Rookie Posts: 60

    did you try anything with your video settings for the game. opengl/direct 3d
  3. killswitch695

    killswitch695 TS Rookie

    hi, i have a much more severe problem when running gunbound. i have had this problem a few years ago, but just recently i installed gunbound on my pc, when i run gunbound, sometimes i will be able to play, then when i exit my whole pc crashes and restarts, sometimes it will happen as soon as i run gunbound. any suggestions?
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