Gunbound Revolution - BSoD

By b20
Oct 21, 2006
  1. Hi,

    Gunbound Revolution is really starting to tick me off. The game literally seems to HATE my computer.

    I updated my graphics card (nVidia), I updated my BIOS (MSI), I have beyond recommended RAM (512 MB - game required 64 MB), I have BEYOND recommended processor (Intel Pentium 4 - game required Pentium 3), finally I have 128 MB of graphics (game required only 8).

    I'm very very very angry on why this game won't function on my computer. I have ALL the recommended requirements! I even have Windows SP2.

    I posted this problem on Windows XP problems, but thought this is for a specific game issue. ALL my games WORK juuuust FINE! Buuuuut no! Gunbound just doesn't want to stick around!

    I did everything! I spent almost a day's worth finding out what the heck Gunbound's problem was! NONE I tell you NONE worked!

    All the friggin game gives me is grief and brand new ugly BLUE SCREEN OF DEATHS! I searched everyone on google!

    So, how does this game work for other people and mine doesn't? :(
  2. sakathecheetah

    sakathecheetah TS Rookie

    Re: Gunbound Revolution - BSoD --Fixed

    I have encountered a similar problem when using Gunbound, which uses nProtect's GameGuard. The problem arises because GG actually integrates itself into the operating system, and therefore any unhandled errors cause a blue screen of death with the STOP error (0x0000008E). Although this error is sometimes attributed to bad RAM or hard disk, this is usually not the case when GameGuard is involved. The STOP message indicates that windows encountered an error in kernel mode and had to close. Since GameGuard integrates itself with the kernel, it's a more likely culprit than your Windows, your RAM, or your hard disk.

    Anyway, let's get down to business. After a long process of searching through various forums and GameGuard information, I discovered that the root of this is a conflict between GameGuard and Kerio Personal Firewall. The only remedy for this seems to be to completely uninstall Kerio Firewall--disabling it or terminating the process doesn't seem to be affective.

    It's actually GameGuard's fault for being too damn lazy to code in a proper error handler for graphics errors. Since it's integrated into the kernel as to cause bsod's, this is quite unforgivable. GameGuard didn't used to conflict with kerio, so I assume it's something relatively new (within the last three months of this post) that was patched into GG or KPF. Hopefully this will resolve your issue, and hopefully GameGuard will fix this in the future.

    -Michael Razzano
  3. b20

    b20 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Heh thanks for the response, but I resolved this issue like a month ago! :p

    The problem was my C-Media Sound Driver not compatible with the game. I fixed the problem by just simply updating the sound driver! (lol). Also, yes, GameGuard sucks of being an "anti-cheat" program!

    Thanks for the response though! :D
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