Gunz Online Gameplay not right.

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Sep 25, 2005
  1. When i go on gunz online it loads up and i can see people chat but when i go into a room and start playing nobody is playing!

    It shows a sign which means they are lagging or not yet joined, but it shows how much kils and deaths they have got.

    so basically i am playing in a room where everyone else is playing but im not i can just see the players standing still with the lagging sign above them.

    My computer meets all the right requirements, alsoif u could tell me how to check which version of direct x i have got, im pretty sure i have got the right one.

    Tom wells-day :chef:
  2. |-|ybrid

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    (You have XP, right?) If you want to check what version of DirectX you have, just go into Start--Run and then type in: "dxdiag.exe" (without those ticks, of course!). What is Gunz Online? If you could tell me what it is, I'd be happy to help you. And also, system specs could help...

    Good luck with this problem,

  3. British_Command

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    Gunz online is a free third person (Korean) game. Ofcourse you can download an international version at or either i dont know.

    Its not me who needs help its my m8
  4. handy candy111

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  5. Skl_it_wizz

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    wat anti-virus r u usin run it but then minimis it and see if u gt a pop up of sum kind from ur pc
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