H.V Frequency Over Range???

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Jan 4, 2005
  1. On my account on my computer, whenever i switch user instead of logging off, when i get back on and want to go back on my account, i type the password, hit enter, and the screen goes black with a blue box in the middle with the words "H.V Frequency Over Range" what does this mean and how can i make it so i can switch user without having to hit "log off" on my account? thanks a ton

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    What version of Windows?

    The frequency message comes from the monitor and has nothing to do with Windows. It means that the video mode is being switched and the VGA signal is not valid at the moment.
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    Oh sorry
    Windows XP Home Edition
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    well what can i do so that it will load my desktop?
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    Possible Solution

    I am not sure if this will work... however i had a problem where i accidentally set my resolution to 320x240 or something rediculous like that... just for the hell of it.. and my pc was locked in that mode... because i was expecting it to ask me whether i wanted to.. or that 15 second thing where it switches back.. but nevertheless... i figured out a solution... and it wasnt stupid customer service's that told me to buy a new card... but it appears Microsoft built in a "safety feature", if you will for video issues like this and possibly the HV Over Range issue... anyway... when starting up hit f8 before the windows xp startup occurs to access the advanced boot menu (this technique will only work if you have winxp service pack 2 or higher as the option doesnt appear in SP1) in that menu... there is an option called "Enable VGA Mode"... hit enter on that... and it will start windows and run everything at 640x480 @ 60Hz... which every monitor [i believe] supports... see if that works... it worked for me... and my problem was not being able to see anything... once u get in that... u should be able to set your settings for your monitor... keep it at 60Hz... and it should run fine... check your monitor's manual @ manufacturer's site... (should be online) to see what it supports because if you are using a microsoft plug and play driver... it will not necessarily work for your display... instead locate a driver for your monitor if this has not been done... (should be able to locate one on manufacturer's webpage) if it has... then find a setting... that works... to change frequency right click on desktop (which shoudl now be accessible after enable VGA) and then click the properties tab... hit advanced... and then hit the monitor tab... it should then show u the Hz frequency level... keep it between 60 and 72... if in the menu it goes higher than 72... and you do not have an expensive plasma or lcd display... it is likely that you are using an incorrect driver...but then you should be able to work it out from there... hope this helps - even though its over a year late...ha
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