Half Life 2 Launch Trouble on HP Pavilion Laptop

By goodbuddytodd
Dec 2, 2007
  1. Here's my specs to start off with.

    HP Pavilion dv6103nr
    Intel Centrino x32 1.86 Ghz processor
    running Windows Vista Home Premium
    2 GB of RAM
    80 GB of Disk Space
    Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family (claims to be 64-128MB graphics, whatever that means)
    I have the most recent drivers I believe, but if someone could verify the most recent drivers for this chipset that would be great.

    I upgraded from 512 MB of RAM to 2 GB for the upgrade to Vista, but this problem was apparent before, when the computer was running Windows Vista Media Center Edition 2005, so its not the operating system. Here's the problem.

    I installed Half-Life 2 and Counterstrike: Source on my laptop, and it installs just fine. When I try to launch the game, the screen goes black like the game is starting, and I see the picture of the valve guy with a valve coming out of his eye. Then my computer returns to Windows, and I can still hear the game loading up, but I cannot get back to it. It is still running, because it still exists on the taskbar. At this point I am forced to force the game to stop, because clicking on the task buttion does nothing. What is the problem?


  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,182   +469

    The Steam platform and the games you installed are probably being updated. The download is quite large and takes awhile.
  3. you use a 286

    you use a 286 TS Rookie Posts: 63

    yourCD is probably corrupted
  4. toy 121

    toy 121 TS Rookie

    go to task manager and click on the game and say maximize
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