Half Life 3 Confirmed

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May 17, 2004
  1. Its not surprising, but at least its in black and white and not just speculation.

  2. (=DoM=)

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  3. Julio Franco

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    DoM, did you scan that article yourself?

    I'm asking because I see some Fifa information on the next page, if you have the mag could you please scan that as well? There is no PC Gamer distribution over here :(.
  4. erickdj

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    Half-life 3?? Ha!, we don't even have HL2 yet, and it's still to be seen if HL2 will ever come out. If it does come out(HL2), the possibility of HL3 coming out will depend on wether HL2 lives up to the hype after such long delay. HL2 would have been really impressive last year, but I'm not sure if I'll be left speechless when I see the final product. We have seen some really impressive games recently, I'm sure they will take some of HL2's glory.
  5. ---agissi---

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    If you didnt scan that yourself, I'd say its a PhotoChopped F.A.K.E:dead:
  6. acidosmosis

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    Well, it's a known fact that they were planning a trilogy, so don't start the accusations just yet :p
  7. ---agissi---

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    No accusations, and im sure a 3rd will be made, im just saying, as black and white as that looks, it may not be confirmed yet ;)
  8. poertner_1274

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    Maybe they will just skip HL2 and go straight to 3, kinda like winamp from 3 to 5.
  9. (=DoM=)

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    I scanned it myself you mongs, its no fake, Its a KNOWN fact as acid said that from day 1 Half Life was gonna be a trilogy, they have the source engine now so HL3 will be with us (as the article says) within a hamsters lifetime (ur, 2 years?) how could it be fake you *****s, read the article, do you think if it was a fake they would have taken the time to type out an article about it with quotes from Gabe Newell.
  10. (=DoM=)

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    well actually, HL2 is complete, its currently undergoing testing and will be shipped within 2 months, and most of tne major reviewing presences have played the game at Valve HQ (including PCG) and they ALL say its the sum of the hype, it WILL come out and it WILL be the greatest game ever made, there is no bs hype in this game, its ALL true. PXCG have written a 2 part HL2 special in the last 2 PCG's, they have played it and they are preparing to give this game the first over 98% mark, Forget Doom 3 which is relying solely on pretty graphics and the fact its got the Doom institution behind it, this is one game to rule them all, no doubt, READ MY LIPS.....

  11. (=DoM=)

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    Oh, and Julio, ill take a photo of that Fifa article when i get home mate :)
  12. chadro

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    I need some screen shots of HL 3.....
  13. Marconey09

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    Nice... Half Life 3! I still haven't even looked into Half Life 2 and I've barely played Half Life. Hahaha! I'm more of a Counter Strike Person. But awsome! I might have to look into Half Life 2 if it's supposed to be "The Best Game Ever!"
  14. Julio Franco

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    What I believe we can take from this article is that Valve doesn't plan on developing new technology from scratch, that is, making a whole new engine for Half-Life 3 but will most likely get Half-Life 2 engine up to date with latest graphics technology, will dedicate more efforts to gameplay elements and improved AI.

    I'm not sure what we can compare with... perhaps the latest Unreal Tournament titles or Serious Sam (which use their own engine), or Splinter Cell titles (which are based on the Unreal engine), one game has been set apart a year or two from its sequel, they share most of its graphics with a few enhancements but are not based off a complete new engine.
  15. ---agissi---

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    Ok lets start no flaming war, but first off - Im not a mong. Second off, it may be known to be a triligy, but it can always get canceled etc, so maybe it just wasnt confirmed.

    "How could it be fake you *****s, read the article"
    For the record, your officially the *****, it could EASILY be fake. Go read about a program called "Photoshop"...and they would put quotes in there for it to seem a bit more real, not that it is fake, becasue you scanned it yourself, but if it was, no surprise.

    Just laying it down where its due.
  16. (=DoM=)

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    Yes, lets NOT start a flame war Agissi, but as you patronisingly thought you could have the last word their i wont lay into you.

    Its called humour mate; Oh, and about your comments towards me about Photoshop, yes, you could quite easily airbrush out the "2" in "HL2" and replace it with a "3" but read the article, do you think somebody would take the time and effort to type in (with all correct lighting and specularity of the glossy paper) an entire half page column about HL3 with such proffesionalism?

    I think not.

    I'm trying to be light in this forum, i really am, but some people just cannot lighten up, It wasnt my intention to offend anyone (only you seem to have taken offence) its just how i speak, i was having a joke, sorry to bring a bit of personality to the forum, i know its a strictly "FAMILY ORIENTATED" forum, but for goodness sake guys just lighten up, dont be so serious all the time.

    This isnt a reply just to get at you Agissi, i dont want to fall out with anyone.
  17. MrGaribaldi

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    Take it easy guys...

    I know it's not a flamewar yet, but let's keep any name-calling to ourselves...

    agissi does have a point in that it could be fake, since a german mag claimed to have interviewed Carmack a while ago and had a quote from him saying D3 would be in testing until after summer... iD later confirmed that Carmack had never said such a thing.

    But as DoM pointed out, Valve has made no secret of HL being a triology and has been quoted saying so for over a year now.... (Gabe Newell commented on it late summer last year afaicr)
  18. Julio Franco

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    What! No Fifa story scan yet?? ;)
  19. (=DoM=)

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  20. EvilKernel

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    From what I have read, most of that HL3 article is based on hearsay and speculation. It doesn't take a genious to figure out there will be a third one, but in my opinion that magazine is just trying to gain sales by posting an article like that; most responsible magazines will include some screenshots or anything to back up/complement the article. These people didn't even bother; in fact, they were as lame as to put a HL2 box next to an article discussing HL3; even if you think this isn't a big deal, magazines don't usually write articles this way.

    In my opinion, they should have just maybe have a corner article talking about HL3 instead of misleading the reader by dedicating a full page to something that hasn't even been confirmed by Valve and which was just a comment by Valve's Gabe Newellmment

    That Mag blows as far as I'm concerned...
  21. (=DoM=)

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    Firstly.) PCG is the best selling PC gameing magazine in the world, theyve previously printed in their HL2 special part 1 (Issue 135) that HL3 was going to be a trilogy form day one, this only backs that up)

    Secondly.) They would not have made any more sales form this, there is nothing on the front cover advertising HL3, or even HL2, all there is is "STARWARS : KOTOR2!!!" in big letters, and anyway, a half page spread on a 200 page magazine isnt exactly a lot.

    Thirdly.) There are no screenshots because there ARE NO screenshots of Half Life 3 yet.

    Fourth.) "These People" are top notch journalists, ive been a subscriber with them for 7 years and have agreed with everything they have said, reviews are comprehensive, detailed and realistic, and all of their other ares like previews, hardware, Q&A is of the highest quality.

    How has the read been mislead? is what they say not all based on fact? If i heard Gabe Newall say "everyone would quit if i told them it's five years untill HL3" that would tell to me straight awya that their making it, and SOON! even tho he has previously said Half Life was a trilogy from day 1.
  22. Godataloss

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    Its alot when 175 pages are advertisements. :D
  23. (=DoM=)

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    I count 30 advert pages.

    Thats another thingk EvilKernel, that article was in the "Eye Witness" section of the magazine, a section dedicated to brining you news as and when it happens, its by no means a preview.
  24. EvilKernel

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    Well, =Dom=, dude, sorry that's just my opinion. Maybe saying the magazine blows was a bit harsh, but I read a lot of magazines and from what I've seen, they usually complement articles such as those with some form of preview, etc. I understand there is nothing out for HL3 so this is why I thought a full page on HL3 was a bit too much.

    Again, my comments were only based on what I am used to, so sorry for getting you all worked up over it. I understand you like the mag and I am sure the rest of their articles are not as bad as that one was.

    best regards,

  25. {{clewless}}

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    What's a mong?? Maybe somebody that plays Ming Mong??

    "Ming Mong – the international game of messaging ping pong. It isn’t just a game of insults. It’s a game of skill. A game of love. A game where the best player doesn’t win – everyone does"

    About Ming Mong
    “Known to some pimply knaves simply as ‘the game of messaging ping pong’, this technical command of rapier sharp wit and tawdry banter truly separates the bad from the ugly. My hope for the future is that with one carefully articulated photo message, a Ming Monger of character will change this troubled world.”

    Rupert Bowman
    Secretary, MMA


    I'm looking forward to "The Return of HL", maybe in 2010?
    By then my computer will be fast enough to play it :>}.
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